Our Vineyard

The Vision

Our vision was an outgrowth of our desire to bring family and friends together for a common purpose, that being, to cement existing bonds and create new ones. The establishment of our vineyard is the vehicle by which we desire to realize this vision. To date, we have invited many eager volunteers, family and friends to participate in our dream of creating a world class vineyard in the beautiful State of Montana. What we hope for is balance with our environment, a minimal footprint with progressive farming techniques, and a the ability to provide Montanans with locally grown high quality grapes that will put this unique and unblemished area on the viticultural map. Our ultimate goal is to establish the Missoula Valley as an American Viticultural Area (AVA).  This would be the first one established in the State of Montana and could very well jump start a burgeoning wine industry.  The economic benefits to the local businesses range from increased tourism, more businesses being established, recognition of the Missoula Valley in wine journals, an increased tax base, and more employment opportunities for community members.  We look forward to serving the Missoula Valley with a sense of responsibility toward the environment, a respect for local customs and traditions, and with an eye to the future.