Pinot Noir

Our primary consideration in picking this cultivar was cold tolerance in the rootstock.  If our vines don’t survive then its all for nought in these northern climes. We also desire to produce world class Pinot Noir and this well known Dijon clone is very representative of the Pinot Noir we want to produce. Meticulous attention to trellising, pruning, canopy management and mainly facilitating maximum heat and sun exposure to the vine and the clusters will be the key to our success with this cultivar.

Marechal Foch

Given our cold climate once again we felt the need to plant a cultivar that was ideally suited to our environment.   Foch’s tendency to produce a grape with higher acidity is a drawback but we anticipate with warmer climates to come and better sunlight exposure thru our use of Vertical Shoot Positioning we should be able to mitigate the higher levels of acidity in the vineyard.    We also expect higher Brix levels…our test vines this year were able to produce sugar levels as high as 24 Brix with little canopy management.


Marquette is the unknown as it has only been released to the farmers since 2006. Bench trials have yielded wines with good sugar/acid balance and excellent color.  Of significance is this cultivars resistance to disease and cold (down to -35F!).   This cultivar is likely to be the answer to cold climate viticulture and we intend to make this the signature varietal in Montana by again utilizing meticulous viticultural techniques to express its subtleties. Check our Gallery to see recent photos or our photos on Picasa.