Summer Vineyard Update

Summer Vineyard Update

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  1. Jorge says:

    Welcome to our blog

    • Manny Cruz says:

      I have personally visited Clark Fork Estates and I have to say, although I know nothing about growing grapes, the vineyard was absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to visit such a wonderful place. When the world tastes the wine from Clark Fork Estates, “They will fall in love….”

  2. Jorge says:

    Weather is warming up ….looking forward to many grape clusters and lots of veggies

  3. Jorge says:

    Mid summer nights dream! Last night it got down to 37F…very unusual but only for a moment. Our vines have been pruned and we getting good solid trunks and developing our cordons for the first time. We are also seeing much fruit developing as our clusters go thru floraison….no rain here would be good. The mosquitos are fierce but the Minions are trudging on as they tend the vines and veggies. So far it looks like a moderate potato crop, good dent corn crop on the horizon and of course the hops march on undaunted by any weather or adversity. for now thats the update

  4. Jorge says:

    The minions are almost done cleaning up the upper vineyard. Things are looking good and the temps are heating up bigtime. Next stop bird netting and the installation of our Bird Gard system to keep overzealous flying critters from munching on our hard won winegrapes.

  5. Don says:

    The heat has really turned up here in beautiful Huson, Montana on location at the Clark Fork Vineyards!
    If you haven’t had a chance to come by and see all the new greenery now is a great time!

  6. Matt M says:

    Stopped by the Clark Fork Vineyards to see my friends on a trip from Seattle to Yellowstone. The Vineyard in Huson rivals even the some of the finest I have visited in the Yakima Valley. Truly an incredible site, situation and operation the group has going on there. Weather you have toured the Nampa Valley or this is your first time at an actual vineyard; Clark Fork Vineyards is something everyone must experience.

  7. admin says:

    Ok, winelovers….we are getting closer to our objective of ripe grapes. 20% of our crop is changing (veraison)and with what looks like an extended summer here in Montana we are hoping for an excellent harvest and good chemistry in our grapes. The fishing is excellent along the Clark Fork as well. On another note our hops should be harvested in the next week or so ….we have a local brewery that maybe dry hopping with our hops …so look out Missoula! More to come as the season wears on.

  8. Jorge Oaxaca says:

    Well it looks like we’ve arrived…I tasted our first wine which was vinified at Tenspoon Winery by winemaker Andy Sponseller. It is a blend of Marechal Foch and Marquette….quite unique. The resultant wine is excellent I was very pleased to note that no adjustments or additions were necessary to finish the wine. The only technique used to deacidify the wine was 10 days of Carbonic maceration at 85F. Our wine has notes of cherry and cassis reminiscent of a Syrah. Also of note was the inky nature of the color of the wine….again very syrah like. The structure of the wine is balanced with just the right amount of acidity and alcohol. We are still waiting for the exact chemistry on the wine (ph and alcohol levels). It will be lightly oaked with one racking only. Our expectation is to bottle in May of 2012.

  9. jorge oaxaca says:

    Wow what a growing season so far…early heat in May up to 88F then 3 frosts. My vines are going bipolar on me but we’ve made it over the hump and the heat has finally arrived and the vines, hops and veggies are doing well. we expect to double our harvest this year as our lower vineyard begins to bear some fruit. We have expanded our hopyard to provide Big Sky Brewery with more of a selection for their scapegoat beer. We are at 500 degree days heat so far but we need a whole lot more to take our grapes home. Lastly, we likely will be bottling our first wine sometime in July at Tenspoon winery….its tasting good so we can’t wait..

  10. Jorge Oaxaca says:

    End of our season….harvested over 1800 lbs of grapes this year. We anticipated 2 tons but a late frost in September reduced our crop between 40%-50%. We delivered our grapes to Tenspoon Vineyard in late September several weeks ahead of time. This posed some challenges in the winery due to higher acid levels not mitigated by a longer growing season. We had a great and warm growing season which really helped ….2250 growing days! We’ll see what next year brings. We harvested 300 lbs of grapes from our transitional vineyard near the river and are currently vinifying it at our farm. Our hop harvest went off with out a hitch and three beers were produced using our hops ….2 at the Big Sky Brewery and 1 at the Kettlehouse Brewery (Community Brew). Thats it for now..stay tuned for more as we start our new season mid Spring 2013.

  11. Jorge Oaxaca says:

    Here we are getting to the end of our growing season…we are currently at 2100 degree days and that is a record my friends. Our sweet corn is looking great, the raised garden bins are producing prodigious amounts of veggies, and our crop of hops is at record levels. The grapes are looking excellent with veraison occurring very early this year. Our Marechal Foch is lagging a bit in comparison to the Marquette but no doubt will catch up. We are looking forward to our best harvest ever…..If anyone wants to volunteer for harvest please come by…we will be having updates on this years harvest.

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